W.D. Hamilton’s Wasp Dissections from 1968!

We’ve recently scanned a collection of W. D. Hamilton’s field notes from Brazil in 1968. Bill gave these notes to Joan in the 1990s and she would like to make the available to everyone.  Check them out!

Angiopolybia pallens Au 7

Angiopolybia pallens_2

Apoica pallens

Brachygastra lecheguana

Epipona tatua Jy 13

Epipona tatua_2


Mischocyttarus cassananga

Polybia bifasciata

Polybia bistriata

Polybia chrysothorax

Polybia emaciata

Polybia gorytoides

Polybia jurinei

Polybia rejecta

Polybia sericea Oc 10

Polybia sericea Oc 61

Polybia velutina

Pseudopolybia vespiceps

Stelopolybia cajennensis 10.6.68

Stelopolybia cajennensis 21.8.68

Stelopolybia cajennensis Au 3

Stelopolybia cajennensis Nov 87

Stelopolybia cajennensis Se 10

Stelopolybia flavipennis

Stelopolybia fulvofasciata

Stelopolybia lobipleura

Stelopolybia meridianalis

Stelopolybia pallipes

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