Sindhuri Ivaturi


Sindhuri is a freshman planning to double major in biology and PNP with a minor in global health. She joined the Queller-Strassmann lab in the fall of 2019.

In the future, Sindhuri wants to attend medical school, but until then, she’s excited to learn as much as she can about evolutionary biology in the Dicty-riffic world of the Strassmann-Queller lab.

On campus, Sindhuri is involved with the Wash U concert choir and the wind ensemble, and co-coaches the Wydown Science Olympiad team. She is also a staff writer and editor for Frontiers magazine.

In addition to being a lab nerd, Sindhuri spends her time singer her heart out, playing the flute and ukelele, teaching people how to play obscure board games, and trying new ways to cook with nothing but a microwave.