Biology 372, Behavioral Ecology – Joan Strassmann                                               This course examines animal behavior from an evolutionary perspective and explores the relationships between animal behavior, ecology, and evolution. Topics include mating systems, sexual selection, parental care, kin selection, and cooperation. There is a strong active – learning component. Prerequisite: Bio 2970 or permission of instructor.

Biology 4181, Population Genetics

Biology 4935, Undergraduate Research Perspectives

Undergraduate Seminars

Graduate Seminar in Ecology and Evolution


Learn what an organism is!

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More to come soon! For videos of wasps and birds for classes check out JoanStrassmann.org.

STRASSMANN/QUELLER LAB- UNDERGRADUATE LAB HANDOUT                      (click below)                                                       

Undergraduate Lab Handout

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR READINGS                                                                                          For an excellent set of readings on animal behavior, free as PDF or online, or as a book for a nominal charge, go to Mockingbird Tales: Readings in Animal Behavior, written by Rice University undergraduates.