Shaunak Mulani (

Shaunak graduated from Knox College in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. He joins the Strassmann/Queller group with three years of prior Dictyostelium research experience. After receiving admission into medical school, Shaunak chose to take a year off to continue working with Dicty although from a different perspective with his new group. During his undergraduate career, Shaunak undertook a College Honors project that dealt with the implications of DNA damage from UV light on gene expression of D. discoideum amoebas, which are known to be rather tolerant of mutagenic stress. His Honors project used next generation sequencing to learn about the entire set of up- and down-regulated genes, and it is currently in preparation for publication.

Outside of lab, he enjoys playing tennis, golf, ultimate frisbee, and meeting new people. He will begin medical school at George Washington University School of Medicine in Fall 2013, but until then, he hopes to push projects forward and accomplish as much as humanly possible as a member of the Strassmann/Queller lab!